Ups N Downs Has More Downs Than Ups, Shuts Down After Knife Melee

Buzzkill. Photo: istockphoto

One of Dorchester’s towniest drinking dens, Ups N Downs, has been ordered to shut down pronto after a whopping seven people were stabbed there over the weekend. The violence spree was so shocking that the city closed it even before an official licensing hearing, which will happen on Wednesday.

Universal Hub quotes drinks expert Luke O’Neil on the place:

That upstairs downstairs demarcation is where things get a little interesting here, if by interesting you mean racially fucked up. The name of the place implies a sort of segregation. Upstairs is for hip hop, downstairs is for Sinatra. Or to put it another way, upstairs is for blacks, downstairs is for Irish. It’s the same old shitty story of Dorchester race relations played out literally every night in the place people in the neighborhood go to get drunk. Like that’s not asking for trouble. The bar, formerly known as the Pony Room, has been in operation for about 50 years.

Of the victims, only a bouncer suffered serious wounds. Right now one perp is accused of all seven stabbings.

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Ups N Downs Has More Downs Than Ups, Shuts Down After Knife Melee