Underdogs Rises Up on 17th Street

Underdogs Photo: Underdogs

You can have your cupcakes, or whatever you think might unseat them as the next trendy bite. We’re going to keep our bets on hot dogs as the next “it” food. And if you think we’re barking up the wrong tree with this assessment, consider that Underdogs, yet another boutique showcasing the many wonders of the humble hot dog, opens its doors to the public today at 11 a.m. The Insider reports that the shop will serve its wieners in a variety of styles, including a My Thai with peanut sauce and papaya slaw, a Georgia Dog with pepper hash and mustard sauce, and a Coney Classic with bacon, onion and carrot-laced sauerkraut and mustard, just to name a few. The new spot also offers hand-cut fries and locally sourced tubed meats from Czerw’s and Fiorella Bros. [Insider]

Underdogs, 132 South 17th St., (215) 665-8080

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Underdogs Rises Up on 17th Street