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Blame Canada: The Hosers at Umami Hatch a Poutine Burger

Truffle Poutine Burger
Truffle Poutine Burger Photo: Umami Burger

Umami Burger’s R&D; lab just hatched their latest creation, “The Truffle Poutine Burger,” inspired by the only dish to ever successfully escape Quebec. Umami’s new burger finds a beef patty plunked atop a briar-patch of thin fries, all covered in truffle cheese, mushroom gravy, a truffle glaze that’s likely more truffle oil than Perigord black, and thinly-sliced shiitake shrooms. “Beauty, eh?”

Though it’s a dish credited to the Quebecois, we like to pretend that poutine has a special place in L.A.’s hearts, seeing as our chef’s have forwarded the dish with such au currant mutations as Animal’s oxtail-slathered version, Haven Gastropub’s great beef check poutine, and Michael Voltaggio’s avant garde take with lamb neck.

Of course, most L.A.-exiled Canucks we know like to snort and holler over such nontraditional assaults on their national pride and joy. But let’s face it, our friends from the Great White North, your invention is basically just fries, cheese curds, and gravy on a plate. Nouvelle cuisine didn’t exactly survive the boat ride. It’s sort of like complaining that somebody somewhere tweaked the recipe for Frito Pie. Just sayin’.

In any case, foreign diplomacy aside, Umami’s Truffle Poutine Burger is available now at the chain for a limited time.

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Blame Canada: The Hosers at Umami Hatch a Poutine Burger