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True Food Kitchen Gets Turn to Untangle Nasty Receipt

True Food Kitchen
True Food Kitchen Photo: True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen looks to be the latest victim in a growing gauntlet of successful chain restaurants rattled by the independent writings of nasty things on company receipts. Last week, a short-lived blog called “Future Ex-Banker” posted its first story with a receipt from the Newport location of this Dr. Andrew Weil-approved eatery, claiming a server named Breanna received a tip of exactly one-percent on a $133.54 bill along with the nasty note: “Get a real job!” scrawled on its face.

The mean-hearted scribble and paltry tip supposedly come from the blogger’s own boss, who hates any mention of terms like “one-percenter,” and thus fleshes out the worst characteristics of one, sort of like a banker version of Bruno or Borat. As bankers seem unlikely adherents of performance art, the first question True Food Kitchen is addressing is whether or not the receipt is actually real.

LAist and HuffPo each spoke with the restaurant, which does confirm the existence of a server named Breanna and is treating the incident as real, but has so far been unable to confirm if the receipt is the actual result of big banker hatred or simply a ruse to pump up someone’s blog traffic. The restaurant is set to speak with the named employee to confirm whether or not the incident actually happened and is stopping short of a ban on the individual who may have left the weak tip, preferring to discuss the incident with them before taking any disciplinary actions.

Meanwhile, the blog that posted the receipt has been yanked down, as has an accompanying Twitter feed, suggesting the blogger is in hiding, either from an even angrier boss than usual or the pissed-off waiters of the world. What do you think? Is the receipt incident real, or is someone looking just looking for some attention here?

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True Food Kitchen Gets Turn to Untangle Nasty Receipt