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Is Top Chef Really Coming to Boston?

Last week we talked about the Digitas marketing campaign to get Top Chef to film its next season in Boston (a campaign enthusiastically backed by Mayor Menino, of course). Now the Herald has even more news about the campaign, which involves Boston Beer Company. Because, really, everyone loves beer!

Per the Herald, the Sam Adams manufacturer has received a “high six-figure sponsorship proposal” from Top Chef producers. Meanwhile, Menino’s pulling strings however possible: “The mayor has got all his department heads behind this,” the paper reports, also noting that producers met with the Massachusetts Film Office.

So is it just a matter of time before we spy Padma sashaying up Newbury, Gail sipping Sam Adams at Lucky’s, and Tom throwing back cocktails at the Hawthorne? Time will tell!

Top Chef Brewing [Herald]

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Is Top Chef Really Coming to Boston?