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The Puck Stops Here: Rumor Has Garces Going in at the Kimmel Center

Jose Garces
Jose Garces Photo: Collin Keefe

No doubt there was a lot to swallow in Inky critic Craig LaBan’s reassessment of Philly’s dining landscape this past weekend. Between all the ringing and dinging was a curious morsel about Jose Garces’ next venture here on his home turf. And it isn’t the long-delayed Frohmans Wursthaus that LaBan was writing about. In an explanation of how and why Garces’ Amada and Tinto failed to register on the four bell scale, LaBan alluded to a “new gastronomic jewel” on the Iron Chef’s horizon. The only other details offered were that it will be a “20-seat boutique” that will “push the dimensions of his culinary art,” and that it’s target is early 2013. Hmmm, what could it be?

Now the Insider is chiming in with word that the location will be the Kimmel Center, where Wolfgang Puck’s peeps have been holding court for the past year. Supposedly the performance art space is giving Puck the boot, and in talks with Garces to bring his magic to Broad Street. The deal will put the venue’s catering into the Garces Restaurant Group’s hands, and will bring a new restaurant to Kimmel’s Spruce Street side.

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The Puck Stops Here: Rumor Has Garces Going in at the Kimmel Center