Where Not to Watch the Super Bowl on Sunday

The prospect of finding a bar without a TV in Boston is a bit, well, remote. Yet the intrepid diners over at Chowhound have compiled a list of bars that actually do not have televisions. So if you want to go out on Sunday and for some strange reason couldn’t care less whether the Patriots win or lose, and if you have no desire to see Madge and her sinewy arms perform at half time, well, you might consider the following fine establishments.

The Franklin Cafe and Franklin Southie have “small and crappy” TVs that are rarely turned on; Temazcal also doesn’t have a TV (good thing they have a nice view). Not shockingly, the bar at No. 9 Park is also sans boob tube.

Also on the TV-free/TV-obscured list: Hamersley’s Bistro, Blue Room, Toro, Craigie on Main, Matt Murphy’s, Orinoco, Hungry Mother, Eastern Standard, Neptune Oyster, Underbones (beneath Redbones), and the newly renovated bar at Clio.

In other news, Mayor Bloomberg better hope that his Giants lose: If they win, Mayor Menino promises him dinner at … Top of the Hub. [CH, NYDN]

Where Not to Watch the Super Bowl on Sunday