Roy Choi Penning Bio for Bourdain; What Are L.A.’s Douchiest Bars?

• Roy Choi will write a biography called Spaghetti Junction: Riding Shotgun with an L.A. Chef that details his car-tricking L.A. youth for Anthony Bourdain’s new book label, Ecco Books. [Hollywood Reporter]

• Echo Park’s Taix is honoring three employees, two servers and one bartender, who have worked at the restaurant for 50 years. Way to work your way up the ladder in all that time, guys. [Eastsider L.A.]

• One Lizzy Donaldson details the 25 “douchiest” bars in L.A.,starting with West Hollywood’s douche-rodeo Saddle Ranch. [Complex]

• Connecticut lawmakers are attempting to pass a bill that would require labeling all genetically engineered foods — but it could be a long fight. [WSJ]

• Panda Express cares more than you would think: They chop twenty fresh vegetables in-house daily and test hundreds of recipes that are never used. Next you can expect the chain to emerge from mall food courts to more stand-alone restaurants.[Salt/NPR]

• West Hollywood’s Koi will open a location in Manhattan’s Trump Towers. It’s going to ‘uge, as The Donald would probably say. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• That pay-what-you-want Panera is not only surviving, but the chain is planning to add more pay-optional locations in more cities. [USAT]

• Re-creating long-lost family recipes takes a bit of detective work, including recalling the flavor profile of the dish, and then thinking about the cook’s culture and means. [WSJ]

Roy Choi Penning Bio for Bourdain; What Are L.A.’s Douchiest Bars?