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Bye-Bye, Rosebud Diner; Hello, Tasty Burger?

The Rosebud Diner, the old-school diner that looks better than it tastes, might soon become the suburban outpost of Tasty Burger. We’d wondered if Tasty was going to move right next to the Boston Burger Company and launch some kind of patty-throwndown, but this location will allow Davis denizens to get burger fixes on either end of the square.

According to Davis Square’s Livejournal, Brandon Wilson from the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission says that Tasty Burger is negotiating to buy the Rosebud Diner and the Bar and Grille behind it, combining the two to make one Tasty restaurant.

It’s a little dicey, though, since Rosebud is classified as a single-building historic district and removing the Rosebud moniker in front of the building might be tough. Tasty Rosebud Burger? That sort of has a ring to it.

Tasty Burger to Replace Rosebud? [Davis Livejournal via BRT]

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Bye-Bye, Rosebud Diner; Hello, Tasty Burger?