Restaurant 111 Closed on La Cienega

Erik McBeth's calamari brutzi diablo in Sambuca butter
Erik McBeth’s calamari brutzi diablo in Sambuca butter Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Here we go again! Restaurant 111 on La Cienega has closed up shop, marking the third time owner Darioush Dinesh renamed and re-conceptualized the space, only to close it soon after. First opened as the eponymous Darioush to showcase the principal’s fusion of French and Persian cooking, the restaurant later turned into Tak, with many of the same dishes in play and closing in the same month it opened. Despite the pronounced talents of chef Darioush, the doors were sporadically shuttered at both concepts, leading to an inconsistent schedule that perplexed passers-by.

Last fall, Dinesh changed gears completely, taking himself out of the kitchen to highlight the seafood obsessions of chef Erik McBeth, who appears to have moved to Santa Clarita’s Roast House last November. Under the name Restaurant 111, the space was stocked with strengths for us seafood fanatics and grill-fiends, and might have been the most fluid incarnation of Dinesh’s dream. Still, the restaurant enjoyed some lunchtime popularity, then sadly stood empty most nights.

Will the team trytry again? Stay tuned as we await word from the owner.

Restaurant 111 Closed on La Cienega