Religious Sexpert Wants Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Ad Pulled

Is that an invitation or an order?
Is that an invitation or an order? Photo: Herr Hans Gruber via Flickr

As we mentioned last week, supermodel Kate Upton has a new ad for Carl’s Jr. in which she nearly gets pregnant from canoodling with her juicy, dripping hamburger at a drive-in movie. Nothing really new there, so who could possibly have an issue with this? Well, while a few Americans no doubt consider making love to fast food some sort of constitutional right, a religious Orange County radio host named Steve Arterburn, who claims to also be a sex-addiction expert, has gotten a little hot under his collar, and he is now calling for the chain to pull the ad, citing the fact that “it’s somebody having sex with a hamburger.”

Arterburn — most likely just looking for the publicity that comes with being publicly enraged about something everyone else thinks is fine — tells CBS that Carl’s Jr. founder Carl Karcher would “really be sick to know that this is what people have resorted to to sell one of his hamburgers.” (Our guess is that Karcher’s opinion would have been heavily influenced by exactly how many of those hamburgers got sold.)

Carl’s Jr., for its part, is sticking to the same old for-boys’-eyes-only strategy it has been employing since first letting Paris Hilton loose on this burger-loving nation. A company spokesman claims the ads are for “young, hungry guys,” and not, funnily enough, for Bible-beating Pat Boone-like sexperts.

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Religious Sexpert Wants Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Ad Pulled