Ramen Boy: Open and Slinging Noodles in Chinatown

Ramen Boy
Ramen Boy Photo: Collin Keefe

A Saturday stroll through Chinatown saw Ramen Boy humming along at full steam. The new noodle bar from Yakitori Boy’s Nelson Tam soft opened Friday, but appeared to be firing on all pistons the next day. The cozy, wood-appointed space features a kitchen counter where you can watch Chef Yuichi “Ben” Watanabe and his staff pull together orders of ramen, goya and rice platters, and additional seating at tables. The menu features several ramen options, including Ramen Boy Classic, a traditional Tonkotsu noodle soup with pork loin charshu, naruto, seasoned boiled egg, menma, bean sprouts and scallions; miso ramen, a soy bean and sake broth with chicken, vegetables, seasoned boiled egg, naruto, menma, bean sprouts and scallions; and spicy ramen, a spicy oxtail broth with rib eye beef, jalapeno peppers and bean sprouts.

In addition to soups, Ramen Boy also offers several different goyza options, including pork, vegetable, and a beef and cheddar creation that’s an homage to Philly’s cheesesteak. Prices range from $5 to $13.

Ramen Boy, 204 N. Ninth St., (267) 687-1355

Ramen Boy: Open and Slinging Noodles in Chinatown