Obama Mulls National School Vending-Machine Rules; Wal-Mart Eyes China

• Kids, gather ye Snickers while ye may: The Obama administration is considering national rules mandating healthy food for school vending machines. [NYT]

• Citing the huge cost of operating and stagnant profits amid a surge of neighborhood farmers markets, a few of L.A.’s long-established vendors are calling it quits to focus on other aspects of their farming business. [LAT]

• Halle Berry’s boyfriend, Oliver Martinez, plans to open a restaurant in Miami called Villa Azur. [People]

• Wal-Mart is eyeing China, having just taken a controlling stake of Chinese online retailer Yihaodian, which sells groceries, among other things. [USAT]

• Take a look inside of LAX’s smuggled food storage, deer antlers and all. [CBS]

• Here’s a non-shocker: Americans don’t know how to lose weight; we may be focused on cutting calories too drastically. [NYDN]

• Golden Road pub chef Adam Levoe is a huge fan of Echo Park’s Tacos Arizas, eating there up to four times a week. [LAT]

• In a study that used an eye-tracking device found that only 9% of people were checking nutritional labels and only 1% were reading the most critical information. [Fox40]

• Some flowers regenerated out of nuts that had been buried 30,000 years ago by squirrels and remained frozen. This sounds like something Rene Redzepi would use as a garnish. [Not Exactly Rocket Science/Discover Magazine]

Obama Mulls National School Vending-Machine Rules; Wal-Mart Eyes China