Osaka Flees The Walk of Fame

Osaka Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

L.A.’s “Nuevo Peruvian”-trend, sparked with the opening of Ricardo Zarate’s Picca and picking up steam with the debut of Downtown’s now-closed Chimu, looks to be struggling to stay lit, as two out of the town’s three entries into the genre have recently disappeared. While Picca is still packed, Eater reports that Adolfo Suaya’s less-cherished Peruvian project, a location of the flashy Latin American-originated chain, Osaka, has called it quits on Hollywood Blvd. Shuttering after only five months, Suaya cites major size issues, claiming the space was too big and the Walk of Fame location too whack.

He plans to bring the restaurant back (anyway, you just open a new Chimu, instead?) to a 90-seat space, possibly in West Hollywood, which will hopefully take less than the five years of planning, construction, and permitting that the original Osaka swallowed up. In contrast to the limp enthusiasm for Osaka, a second location of Mo-Chica is opening in the first week in March, and most big appetites couldn’t be more pumped, even if the restaurant lacks its own moat to cross.

Adolfo Suaya Closes Osaka After 5 Mos, Plans Relocation [Eater]

Osaka Flees The Walk of Fame