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Where to Avoid Aggro Super Bowl Fanaticism This Weekend

Expect Patriot fans to be in fine (meaning drunk) form this weekend
Expect Patriot fans to be in fine (meaning drunk) form this weekend Photo: Cnewtoncom via Flickr

By now you most likely know, Sonny McLean’s is the place to go to hurl vindictive and abuse at those pasty, boisterous Bostonians after Lakers-Celtics games. Today, The L.A. Times introduces us to a few lesser known haunts for Massholes and a couple of venues for prideful New Yorkers in the final days before Super Bowl Sunday. But first, get a load of the lead photo from Little Bar. Clearly, you can take the bros out of Boston but you can’t get them to the beach. Seriously, it’s like Jersey Shore minus the Oompa-Loompa skin color scheme. And really dudes, is that a sign of regional pride you’re throwing up or a move from the Thriller video? But we digress…

LaBrea’s Little Bar is apparently the “rowdiest” place to get down with the “wicked good” fans of New England. Owner Angelo Vacco says, of his popularity with the Boston demographic, “The intention was to be an East Coast tavern, and people from Boston just found it.” Our condolences. Anyway, if you want to fly your Boston pride, they’ll be tuning out Madonna with The Dropkick Murphys during half-time and generally raising a fuss.

Other New England haunts include Hermosa Beach’s Fat Face Fenner’s Fishack, which reels us in on the name alone, if not the outdoor seating, all the better to distance oneself from the rabid mayhem while possibly getting a little sun.

Giants fans, meanwhile, will find kinship at Santa Monica’s West 4th and Jane, a hub for East Coast sports fans, while O’Brien’s Irish Pub is called “the unofficial SoCal headquarters for L.A. Giants fans.” Since owner Willy O’Sullivan (think he’s Irish?) says, “these fans live and die by first downs…” we can only hope the revelry spills onto the streets, bringing Giants and Pats fans into apocalyptic battle on Wilshire once the final whistle blows.

Okay okay, so maybe we’re just super jealous that the last time we had a real team to root for was back when George Bush the First was still in power. Either way, you’ve been warned where The Super Bowl is likely to be taken a little too seriously this Sunday.

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Where to Avoid Aggro Super Bowl Fanaticism This Weekend