Overeating Takes Toll on Seniors; How to Get a Liquor License

• Overeating is particularly bad for old folks, since consuming more than 2,100 calories a day is shown to speed up cognitive impairment. Time to get Gramps off the bear claws. [Fox News]

• Ever wonder about the difficulties in procuring a liquor license? Lesley Bargar Suter breaks the process down, step-by-step. [LAM]

• The Denny’s in Santa Monica has been sold to a developer who will most likely introduce a mixed use building with both housing and shops. [LAT]

• In-N-Out may have persuaded a Chinese fast-food outlet to stop using the name “Double Double,” but the chain isn’t shy about admitting its taken most everything from the iconic burger empire. [LAT]

• In a lecture in Santa Clarita this weekend, Anthony Bourdain expounded on the costs one must pay to be The Travel Channel boss. [LAT]

• College-student groups including “Ban the Bottle” are battling it out with the International Bottled Water Association over the vending of bottles on campus; opposed students claim bottled water is not eco-friendly. [The Salt/NPR]

• Despite the slew of chocolate-monikered romance novels, there’s no scientific reason for women to like chocolate more than men — chalk it up to marketing. [Slate]

Bartender Matt Biancaniello has himself a mean new mustache and is one of many locals trying to perfect the beer cocktail. [LAT]

Overeating Takes Toll on Seniors; How to Get a Liquor License