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Oakland Restaurant Happily Hires Ex-Felons

Somebody has to hire 'em!
Somebody has to hire ‘em!

Souls Restaurant in East Oakland is a project of Acts Full Gospel Church, and it was founded in 2009 as a program through which ex-convicts can find employment and build a job history in an employment climate that doesn’t take kindly to felons. As Oakland North reports, with California’s prison realignment giving early release to many thousands of low-level offenders, there are a lot of ex-cons in need of work, and not many restaurants like this willing to hire them.

As you can see below, they serve soul-food, buffet-style, and it looks kind of good! The restaurant has seen a 70% success rate with employees remaining on the job, and completing the program.

A church-run soul food restaurant offers jobs for ex-offenders [Oakland North]

Oakland Restaurant Happily Hires Ex-Felons