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Doogie Howser Gets .inked on V-Day

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Photo: Greg in Hollywood via Flickr

Let’s get this out of the way first: Actor Neil Patrick Harris is no Matt Armendariz when it comes to food photography. But he is Doogie freakin’ Howser and the dude who tripped face playing himself during a crime spree with Harold and Kumar, so what’s not to love about the guy? On Valentine’s Day, Harris hit Michael Voltaggio’s .ink with his man, David Burtka, and shot every dish the couple ate at GQ’s pick for the country’s best new restaurant. Harris then tweeted the meal “course-by-course” for his fans, which is available in full glory on BuzzFeed. What does this budding “food journalist” have to say?

Harris calls Voltaggio’s starter of oysters with mignonette ice “aphrodisilicious!” and the chef’s foie gras with smoked maple marshmallow between waffle crackers “perhaps the best I’ve ever had.” Before digging into the key lime deconstruction we featured last week in our national desserts feature, Harris downs some lamb tongue and proclaims “The food here is f*ing delicious.” After demolishing sixteen courses, the actor signs off with, “@MVoltaggio is brilliant and one of a kind. Now I must waddle to bed.”

Here’s hoping Harris starts his own food blog someday, does anyone know if “FoodiehowserMD.com” has been taken?

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Doogie Howser Gets .inked on V-Day