Michelle Obama Visits Inglewood; Should Sugar Be Regulated?

• First Lady Michelle Obama spent the day in Inglewood yesterday, supporting the opening of a Northgate Gonzalez Market and a program that encourages grocers to come to low income neighborhoods. [ABC]

• For once, good news from the beef industry: The beef we eat today is more environmentally friendly than the stuff of 30 years ago. [Salt/NPR]

• Taco Bell gave a whole bunch of people salmonella in October, sickening 68 people in ten states. The chain blames a supplier. [Reuters]

• Some researchers are calling for sugar to be regulated just like alcohol and tobacco, claiming it causes just as many premature deaths. [LAT]

• Jet Tila describes The Charleston, his new restaurant taking over the former Angel’s as, “a bar with great food first,” with plans to serve Thai street eats to Santa Monica. [Eater]

• Police are looking for a man who robbed a Church’s Chicken location with a gun in South L.A. [ATVN]

• Blue Bottle’s growth style is slow and steady, and it’s working out for them; look for a Blue Bottled drink to hit grocery stores sometime soon. [WSJ]

• Super Bowl Sunday poses an interesting issue for Indiana, which bans liquor sales on Sundays — not to mention all the other towns and counties with some kind of Sunday “blue law.” Better stock up! [AP via HuffPo]

Michelle Obama Visits Inglewood; Should Sugar Be Regulated?