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Margaret Cho Chooses Jitlada and Carousel

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho Photo: TheoGeo via Flickr

Only the likes of Margaret Cho could help us digest an entire Fox News article after lunch without losing our midday meal. Today the comedian dishes on her favorite aspects of Los Angeles, which she labels “a city that offers me so many opportunities for fun.” When the talk inevitably turns to food, the NorCal-bred Cho sounds like a tried and true local, suggesting, “Los Angeles is the best place for all kinds of things.” She goes on to recommend Armenian great Carousel in her own neighborhood of Glendale, calling the belly-dancing stronghold ” a major restaurant for me,” and affirming, “It’s a party place. The food is phenomenal.”

Elsewhere, she hits the Hollywood bulls-eye for adventurous eaters, naming Jitlada as “probably the best place to have Thai food outside of Bangkok.” Clearly, the star gets it, whether she’s spends much time here or not. Cho even recaps this familiar refrain for the folks at Fox: “There is lot more to LA then what people think of as being the Hollywood aspect of it.”

Comedian Margaret Cho’s Secret Los Angeles [Fox]

Margaret Cho Chooses Jitlada and Carousel