Leap Day

Celebrate Leap Day With Frogs’ Legs

Tasty! Photo: istockphoto

The Herald checks in with the ever-innovative Brian Poe, whose wacky nacho creations have saved us from many a Sunday hangover. He’s decided to inject frogs’ legs into his menu in honor of Leap Day. So hustle off to Rattlesnake for frog leg confit tostadas, which he describes as “French meets South American meets Asian cuisine.”

This is one of those things that sounds gross but strangely good: The legs marinate in duck fat overnight, then they’re covered in a chipotle confit spice and cooked on low heat for about an hour before the meat is removed from the bones, then doused in saffron/jalapeno/citrus crema and salsa.

Tryst in Arlington also has legs on the menu tonight. Their Buffalo frog legs are coated in spicy sauce and honey, and then coated in … Rice Krispies. Thankfully Leap Day only happens once every four years!

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Celebrate Leap Day With Frogs’ Legs