Say Au Revoir to Le Bec-Fin

Georges Perrier in Le Bec-Fin's dining room.
Georges Perrier in Le Bec-Fin’s dining room. Photo: uwishunu

Back in July Grub questioned the solvency of Le Bec-Fin after it was revealed that then chef-owner Georges Perrier was taking heat for reneging on his promise to pay staffers for time off while the restaurant underwent renovations for the umpteenth time. It seems as if we weren’t too far from the mark. It’s looking now like the once grand dame of Walnut Street’s erstwhile restaurant row is pulling the plug after service on Saturday. Foobooz reports that the restaurant has been losing money at a staggering rate, and must close ASAP in order to stop bleeding cash.

And what a sad end it is for what was once considered one of this country’s most celebrated fine dining establishments. When news first surfaced that Perrier, who founded the restaurant in 1970, was stepping down and selling Le Bec’s majority interest off to French Laundry alum Nicolas Fanucci, plans included a smooth transition and a brief closing in April, for yet more renovations.

All that’s off now, and with Le Bec’s abrupt closing, its end, it seems, will come with more of a whimper than a bang.

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- Say Au Revoir to Georges Perrier at Le Bec-Fin

Say Au Revoir to Le Bec-Fin