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LaBan Keeps Heads Ringing With ‘Best Restaurant’ Picks

Dining room at Fond
Dining room at Fond Photo: Fond

Inky critic Craig LaBan continues rocking the bells today, ringing up a tally of his top picks for several categories of restaurants, including gastropubs, BYOBs and more. It’s not quite as earth-shattering as last weekend’s unveiling of the city’s five four-bell-worthy restaurants, which dinged Le Bec-Fin two bells and Lacroix one. Still, the big news with today’s follow up is, BYOBs Fond and Pumpkin were both bumped up to three-bell status. But what’s more interesting is, while Garces and Vetri get mentions for JG Domestic and Amis (respectively), there appears to be an absence of Starr restaurants in all six categories. At the very least, we thought Dandelion would make the cut for gastropubs.

Also interesting are the shout-outs to Terence and Patrick Feury. LaBan gave both brothers props for “reliably good” dishes from Terence at Fork and a “splendid meal” courtesy of Patrick at Nectar. And though restaurants from big name empire builders are elusive, if not outright missing from this assessment, places like Meme, Southwark and Meritage get some long-overdue love in the “Great Restaurants That Deserve More Buzz” category.

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LaBan Keeps Heads Ringing With ‘Best Restaurant’ Picks