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Kobe Bryant Spotted ‘Frolicking’ in the North End

Buon giorno!
Buon giorno! Photo: YouTube via Flickr

Usually visiting celebs are spotted dining at sadsack marquee tourist spots. But not frisky, multi-lingual Kobe! The basketball star, who hates to cook but loves to look, has been spied out ‘n about in the North End over the past couple days, chatting up the locals in Italian.

The Herald’s gossip spies report that he visited Dolce Vita Ristorante on Tuesday to “chow down” on veal, pasta bolognese, and a few types of seafood appetizers, making friendly conversation in Italian. (Bryant spent part of his childhood in Italy; he wasn’t just faking it.) And, despite his divorce settlement woes, he also gamely picked up the tab for neighboring diners—who were sporting Celtics jerseys. What a guy!

He reportedly returned to Dolce Vita on Wednesday for more photo ops.

Kobe Bryant Goes Frolicking in the North End [Herald]

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Kobe Bryant Spotted ‘Frolicking’ in the North End