Kevin Pang’s Foodie Love Story

This is just sweet. Kevin Pang of the Tribune takes a break from his recent spate of cute stories about old-time spots (which we’ve been enjoying wholeheartedly) to offer a cute story about… well, let’s just say, it’s not so much a story as a Valentine, the tale of how he and his fiancée came together over food. It’s one many foodies will identify with— food is sure to reveal common interests, or the lack thereof, sooner than almost any other subject during the dating process:

I eventually procured a telephone number; a dinner date was set for The Publican. I had mentioned sausages and rillettes and jowls, the many possibilities of pig.

When we met up, Anne had brought a bag of pork rinds from the office vending machine as an icebreaker.

“Don’t let this be your first impression of pork rinds,” I said. “Wait till you get to the restaurant.”

It was love at first bite of pork. Read the whole thing, and be charmed. [Tribune]

Kevin Pang’s Foodie Love Story