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Kauffman Calls Sous Beurre Kitchen ‘Modest’ But ‘Assured’

This week our man Mr. Kauffman tries out the Mission pop-up known as Sous Beurre Kitchen, which he says is better described as a “symbiote” of Sugarlump Coffee Lounge (2862 24th Street), where it lives on a regular schedule. He’s modestly impressed with chef Michael Mauschbaugh (formerly of Eccolo and Bacar) and his “carefully made” food, including a traditional cassoulet that he calls “satisfying” and gnocchi with brown butter and rosemary. He recommends the place for a quick and casual weeknight meal, saying, “I’m hard-pressed to think of another San Francisco café with such assured food.” [SF Weekly]

Kauffman Calls Sous Beurre Kitchen ‘Modest’ But