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J. Gold To Tackle Reviews at L.A. Times, Elina Shatkin Also Leaving L.A. Weekly

Gold at work
Gold at work Photo: Hadley Tomicki

L.A. Observed taps its mysterious, invisible sources again for more insight on what Jonathan Gold’s future holds. According to their own Deep Throat, Gold will be tackling reviews for the Food Section and could be used as a general expert popping up in different capacities and sections with his expertise (look out, Hector Tobar!). Still no word on what this means for restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila, though so far, talk has it she’s not going away anytime soon. Also up in the air is whether the “Counter Intelligence” feature name that originated at The Times will come attached with Gold. Meanwhile, L.A. Weekly is losing another ace-in-the-hole in its food department.

Yesterday, our favorite L.A. Weekly blogger and restaurant critic, Elina Shatkin, announced to her amigos in the media that she will be departing the paper on March 2nd for Los Angeles magazine, taking a position as a senior editor. It sounds as though Shatkin, best-known for tackling 30 burgers, 30 sandwiches, and 30 ice creams in 30 days, will broaden her focus, as she writes, “I’ve loved my time as a food writer and restaurant critic, but I’m excited about the chance to write longer features and to explore subjects other than food.”

Meanwhile, L.A. Weekly has issued an “immediate” hiring notice looking for a full-time blogger and critic that can soldier through multiple daily posts and in-depth food features in Shatkin’s place. Like Gold, Shatkin’s departure leaves sizable shoes to fill, drawing all eyes to the Weekly to see which of our city’s many food writers will step up next to the plate.

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J. Gold To Tackle Reviews at L.A. Times, Elina Shatkin Also Leaving L.A.