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Jeremiah Tower Launches Website, Joins Twitter, Can’t Stop Tweeting

Tower in Mexico.
Tower in Mexico. Photo: Courtesy of Jeremiah Tower

Celebrity-chef-in-exile Jeremiah Tower has just joined the Twitter parade, and he already seems like an addict! He only started twittering in earnest a few days ago, and despite racking up some 500 followers, he seems intent on thanking each one personally. (His numbers will no doubt rise after this shout out from Anthony Bourdain.) Also, the gregarious chef has just launched a new website, which is rife with “rantings and ravings” that are as out-there as you’d hope.

For example: “After the French Revolution … It’s who can pick up the check, not who you are, that counts.” And: “Champagne as a color gives way to khaki, but as a drink, if you were not in Palm Beach, Hollywood, or Park Avenue and safe from bombs, no one would have had a drop of it until 1945, the year that brought glorious peace and the greatest wine of them all, the ‘45 Mouton.”

Also, he informs the Twitter universe, he’ll be visiting New York in early March.

Now if only someone like Anne Burrell will start a Twitter fight with him, this could get really fun.

Update: Tower replies to us, via Twitter, “Mad to reply to each person, but I am looking at the Caribbean on a sunny 80 degree day, so why not?” And, via email he informs us that the Twitter account was his publisher’s idea, as they want him to get some fresh exposure prior to publishing a new book.

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Jeremiah Tower [Official Site]
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Jeremiah Tower Launches Website, Joins Twitter, Can’t Stop Tweeting