The Gallows’ Rebecca Roth Makes the Times Vows Section

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Actor King Vidor once famously claimed that “marriage isn’t a word; it’s a sentence.” But for Rebecca Roth, heading to the Gallows isn’t a bad thing … the South End Gallows, that is. The restaurant owner married regular Stephen Gullo over the weekend, and their nuptials were profiled in the New York Times’ fancy-schmancy Vows section, often the provenance of hedge funders and people whose names end with Roman numerals.

The Times has been really into Boston chefs and restaurants lately, exhibit A being its ongoing fascination with the psychology of Barbara Lynch. We’re not sure how the Bostonians made it onto their wedding pages, but it’s a sweet love story nonetheless: Roth was the hostess who flitted from “table to table like a honeybee”; shy guy Gullo routinely “perched at the bar,” unabashedly solo, to gaze at his beloved. “I think he was scared to let someone get to know him really well,” confessed pal Dan Berger. Aww!

Of course, being a man of fine taste, he finally asked Roth on a date to Craigie on Main (good choice!) and the rest was history. Congratulations, lovebirds. We’re jealous. Not mentioned in the article: Gullo can now eat that poutine whenever he wants.

Rebecca Roth and Stephen Gullo [NYT]

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