Dispute About Eggs Not Going Over Easy in Harrisburg

Eggs Photo: iStockphoto

Last year Governor Tom Corbett’s Secretary of Health Eli Avila came under fire for siccing health inspectors on Harrisburg’s Roxy Cafe, after a disagreement with owner Richard Hanna, over the freshness of an egg sandwich. In the dispute, a power-tripping Avila allegedly shouted at the diner owner, “Do you know who I am? I am the secretary of health!” in a threatening tone. Now it looks like there’s a new front in that battle opening up.

The Inky reports that Hanna has filed a suit against Avila, claiming that he tried to block him from securing a contract for the Capitol cafeteria in retaliation for the egg sandwich incident. Hanna, who’s seeking a $500,000 judgement, says the Avila abused his power when he emailed the secretary of the state Department of General Services shortly after the dispute, and cautioned against awarding the contract to him. Sheesh, should a ruling favor the diner owner, the state will surely have some egg on its face.

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Dispute About Eggs Not Going Over Easy in Harrisburg