What to Eat for Dinner at Cafe Livre et Le Marche

Farid Zadi's cheese and charcuterie
Farid Zadi’s cheese and charcuterie Photo: Cafe Livre et Le Marche

Chef Farid Zadi checks in with Grub Street to let us know he’s currently selling about 200 pounds of duck confit every week at his Culver City restaurant, Cafe Livre et Le Marche. Still, he stresses that customers are still demanding more duck, lamb, and seafood dishes. To that end, Zadi is launching dinner on Friday and Saturday every week starting February 17th, focusing on the North African cuisine he’d intended to save for a whole other restaurant once he’d zero’d in on a location. He tells Grub Street, “I already have a cafe that’s all staffed and prepped and ready to go for dinner service. So why not start now?”

Dinner will focus on the tagines and cous cous dishes he’s known for, along with a lot of Spanish influenced cuisine, citing the recipes that have been battered back and forth between Iberia and Algeria over the centuries.

Opening from 6:00-9:00 P.M. each weekend, Zadi will organize dinner in the style of a chef’s table, offering limited seating, with reservations recommended. During dinner, Zadi will offer a changing selection that includes at least one tagine based on fowl or game, whether it be duck or rabbit, as well as options each week for lamb, beef, and seafood tagines, plus a different paella, cheese and charcuterie plate, and a rotating menu of Spanish-style tapas and sweets.

See Cafe Livre et Le Marche’s menu for this week, below ,and catch reservations at 310-842-9078:

Chef’s Table Dinner Menu
February 17 and 18

Gambas al Ajillo ~ 12
Albóndigas~ 10
Patatas Bravas ~ 9
Warm Clams Escabeche~12
Piquillos stuffed with pine nuts, herbs and garlic~10

Selection of Spanish Charcuterie and Cheeses ~ 16

Shrimp brik~ 8
Potato and Pea Cigars~ 10
Duck Confit Pastilla~ 22

Paella (2 person minimum per table), order when you reserve a table
Chicken, preserved lemon and olive Paella~ 22
Paella Valenciana~ 24

Entrees~ served with couscous and semolina bread

Half Roast Duck Tagine, figs, almonds, honey~ 26
Seafood Tagine~ 26
Lamb Mechoui~24
Whole Fish Chermoula~ MP

Mignardise~ Algerian and Spanish pastries and sweets

What to Eat for Dinner at Cafe Livre et Le Marche