‘Cinnamon Challenge’ Stirs Fear and Panic For Parents and School Officials; Proposed Budget Cuts Will Eliminate Tests For Deadly Pathogens in Fruits and Vegetables

• The “Cinnamon Challenge,” a viral web phenomenon that has kids across the country eating heaping spoonfuls of the spice, has parents and Hatboro-Horsham School District officials freaking out. [NBC Philly]

• Busted: Food Network had to axe a show called Dessert First after execs discovered the host was ripping off her recipes from other, more famous, chefs. [NYP]

• Probably the best headline you’ll read all day: “Hot Dog Chef Charged with Bank Heists.” [Charties Valley Patch]

• Dutch scientists released a new study that charts global water use between 1996 and 2005. [NYT]

• All that organic food you’ve been eating might be a secret source of… dietary arsenic. Wait, that’s the form that isn’t all that bad for you, right? [Fox News]

• Be careful next time you buy celery: Proposed government budget cuts “would eliminate the nation’s only program that regularly tests fruits and vegetables for deadly pathogens.” [AP]

‘Cinnamon Challenge’ Stirs Fear and Panic For Parents and School