The Other Critics

Casa B Brings the Tropics to Somerville; Lone Star’s Cobs Almost Outshine Toro’s Version

Union Square: Devra First gives tapas newcomer Casa B three stars. “It feels like a cross between Barcelona and a tropical island,” she writes. [Globe]

Arlington: Neighborhood favorite Sabzi gets a shout-out in the Globe’s Cheap Eats section; “beautiful” kebabs, a rustic dining room, and carefully prepared rice conspire for a magical evening. [Globe]

Atlantic Wharf: Corby Kummer enjoys the bold spices at Trade, though he does slam a seafood stew in a ginger-lemongrass broth with coconut milk and vermicelli noodles, calling it a “wan, watery waste of good local shellfish.” [Boston]

Atlantic Wharf: Robert Nadeau breaks from the chorus of Trade fans, awarding Jody Adams’s new spot two out of four stars. A local grilled lobster with pickled-artichoke aioli “doesn’t taste grilled, doesn’t taste like artichoke, and doesn’t even taste much like lobster because it has so much mayonnaise glopped on it,” he laments. [Phoenix]

Allston: Not shockingly, Lone Star Taco wins raves from the Phoenix. The talked-about taco joint from the Deep Ellum team might give Toro a run for its money in the corn department: “[T]he grilled street corn with cotija and chili-lime aioli ($6) is a frighteningly close second to the infamous cobs at the South End’s tapas darling.” Guacamole is “tangy and clean.” [Phoenix]

Watertown: More love for Strip T’s: MC Slim JB raves about the “striking roasted apple salad that reads like a David Chang hallucination of breakfast hash: cubes of apples and house-corned beef tongue topped with gratings of fresh horseradish and herbs, all set in a vivid, creamy beet broth.” He calls it “witty and gorgeous.” How long before some big Boston restaurant poaches Chef Maslow? [Stuff]

Jamaica Plain: The Improper calls Krista Kranyak’s new Grass Fed “The L.L. Bean response to Ten Tables’ Ralph Lauren luxury. The same quality endures, but Grass Fed is more rugged and casual.” Could we get our poutine with a side of fleece, please? [Improper]

Casa B Brings the Tropics to Somerville; Lone Star’s Cobs Almost Outshine Toro’s