Will Boston Get Sweet Revenge on the Butterfinger Bandit?

Yesterday afternoon, a playful pawnbroking company named Pawngo dropped almost 7000 Butterfinger candy bars (that’s 900 pounds!) on Copley Square to mock Bostonians for losing the Super Bowl. Or, more specifically, to mock Wes “Butterfingers” Walker, since he dropped the ball in the fourth quarter.

It’s not totally clear why the company has a stake in the game, since they’re based in Denver and should be concerned with Tim Tebow and how much his Jesus jerseys are worth, but whatever. A bunch of people downtown (those who aren’t afraid of taking candy from strangers, anyway) were able to enjoy free sweets and a good chuckle.

Mayor Menino isn’t quite so amused, though: An update from the mayor’s office states that “code enforcement has tracked company’s address and contacts; will be issuing violation for commercial dumping.”

Universal Hub notes that the prank could cost Pawngo up to $1,000. Coming up with the cash shouldn’t be a problem for the company, however; a cursory look at their website reveals that they specialize in high-end items like Cartier watches and that they’ve doled out more than $2.1 million to people who really need money fast. [UH, Pawngo]

Will Boston Get Sweet Revenge on the Butterfinger Bandit?