Stollenwerk Only Plays a Minor Role In Brick American Eatery

Mike Stollenwerk
Mike Stollenwerk Photo: Fish

Brick American Eatery, a project that up until this point we were told was going to be another Mike Stollenwerk joint, is on track for making its debut tonight. However, as the Insider reported last night, there’s a last minute twist to the project. It will be headed by piano bar magnate Jolly Weldon, not Stollenwerk! A rep for the Fish chef was mum on the subject this morning, but a source close to the chef tells Grub that he’s signed on in a very limited capacity as a consultant for Brick’s menu and kitchen operations only.

Last year you’ll recall Stollenwerk divested himself of his BYOB Little Fish and the gastropub Fathom Seafood House, to focus on his flagship that was recently relocated to 13th and Locust streets. This latest move seems to be along the same lines, and fulfills the chef’s desire to spend more time in the kitchen, and less time running around between properrties. Though not positioned as a seafood restaurant, the menu Stollenwerk drew up for Brick (as you can imagine) is heavy on the fish, with first course options like Peekytoe crab cake and fried calamari, and entrees like skate wing and grilled swordfish. There’s no word yet on whether Weldon will set up a piano bar though.

Brick American Eatery, 1708 Lombard St., (267) 639-9440

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Stollenwerk Only Plays a Minor Role In Brick American Eatery