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Flippin’ Burgers: BBC and Tasty Trade Spaces

Boston Burger's award-winning Hot Mess.
Boston Burger’s award-winning Hot Mess.

Tasty Burger has plans to expand from Boylston Street to Davis Square, and now we get word that Boston Burger will travel the reverse route, expanding from Davis to Boylston. Huzzah! Boston Burger Company is roughly the size of our closet, and they could definitely use a second branch.

This outpost will be at 1100 Boylston Street in the Back Bay, a comfortable distance from Tasty Burger, which is at 1301 Boylston. The burger barons will be in closer competition in Somerville; Tasty will possibly move into the Rosebud Diner space, just around the block from Boston Burger.

Which would you rather: Boston or Tasty?

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Bye-Bye, Rosebud Diner; Hello, Tasty Burger

Flippin’ Burgers: BBC and Tasty Trade Spaces