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‘Bloody’ Bill Annesely Is Back, Cooking at Boardner’s and Planning Atwater Cafe

Bill, about to get bloody
Bill, about to get bloody Photo: William Annesley via Facebook

Driving across Sunset, we’d often wondered what happened to William “Bloody Bill” Annesely, the British hunt-your-own, nose-to-tail toque who came to L.A. from New Orleans and popped up briefly in 2009 with a Spanish tapas restaurant in West Hollywood with plans to open a Cajun ‘cue joint called Fatty’s. According to management, Hollywood’s ancient Bukowski hang, Boardner’s, is looking a little bloodier these days, as Annesely recently jumped aboard as the Hollywood bar’s new executive chef. What’s being served?

There’s good news for anyone who missed the chef’s touch with Spanish eats, as Bill is putting many of the same dishes we enjoyed at his pop-up onto the menu here, revisiting his quail-egg topped morcilla and barbecue ribs, along with introductions of bacon-wrapped scallops, tandoori chicken wings, and Thai-style ceviche. Annesely will use his stint at Boardner’s as a staging ground for a project named Bon Vivant Market & Cafe he’s planning to open in Atwater Village with Boardner’s owner Tricia La Belle.

‘Bloody’ Bill Annesely Is Back, Cooking at Boardner’s and Planning