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Betty White Flips Off Shocked Driver at Bristol Farms; Tim Tebow Hits The Counter

Betty White, hell on wheels
Betty White, hell on wheels Photo: David Shankbone via Flickr

Just when we think we’ve tired of watching Betty White act more like randy Blanche and crass Sofia than wide-eyed Rose, the 90-year-old she proved she’s not just putting on an act for the cameras this week by giving the finger to aging gracefully. And that’s not the only thing she shot the bird at. Backing out of her parking spot at Bristol Farms, The National Enquirer reports that White recklessly shot out of the space and nearly smashed into another car. Rather than apologize for having a senior moment behind the wheel, White cussed the other driver out, dropping “enough ‘F-bombs’ to start World War III!” Then to cap it all off, White sped away after shooting her middle finger at the other driver and yelling, “Crazy bitch!” Yep, celebrities, they’re just like us. Sure it’s a little scary Betty’s still cruising the streets at her ripe age, but who can’t admire both her language skills and massive stones? To see where else celebrities were eating this week, read on in this week’s celebrity settings.

Benihana: Rather than walk around cradling an egg all week, J. Biebs and Selena Gomez took Justin’s little brothers out for a meal. [Celebs]

Beso: Eva Longoria busted out of her restaurant, and her dress, last night. [TMX]

Chateau Marmont: Kate Bosworth partied in honor of Charlie Chaplin with her mom. Oh wait, that’s just Chelsea Handler, reminding us of the ravages of vodka. [People]

The Counter: Tim Tebow and Warren Sapp ate at the Century City location on Monday evening. Tebow went for a turkey burger with fried egg, while Sapp ate a whole LOT of things, including two shakes. [GS]

Eden: Pauly D, one of those Jersey Shore dudes, DJ’d and showed off his body a lot. Ew. And also, ew! Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was also there, supporting his “boy.” [GS]

Fig & Olive: Richie Sambora and Denise Richards went on a date this week. [Daily Mail UK]

Katsuya: Pia Toscana went for dinner on Thursday night. [Celebrity Gossip]

Soho House: Jessica Alba got her Vagina Monologues on with Eve Ensler. [People]

Starbucks: Robert Downey Jr. grabbed some coffee and Malibu, and from what he’s wearing, is apparently taking on the role of the singer in that long-awaited Spin Doctor’s bio-pic. [People]

Umami Burger: Ashley Tisdale lead her boyfriend in for a bath burger. [People]

Betty White Flips Off Shocked Driver at Bristol Farms; Tim Tebow Hits The