Why Astronauts Love Hot Sauce; Pepsi Next Offers Lighter Soda

• Here’s a fascinating article about what astronauts crave in space. They lose their sense of smell and get stuffy heads from fluid retention, so hot sauce is a big one. [NPR]

• Taco Bell has a new slogan: “Live Mas,” which is the total opposite effect of eating seven-layer burritos every day. [NRN]

• With Pepsi Next, the second-fiddle cola company is trying again where Coca-Cola stumbled with its C2 — to entice consumers with a can that has half the calories of regular soda. [USAT]

• Here’s your bi-annual story about the legend of Chez Jay and its sanctified, celebrity-haunted halls. [LAT]

• Like Thrifty Ice Cream recently did, Ben & Jerry’s has also introduced a line of Greek frozen yogurt, and HuffPo has a taste-test verdict: tangy. [HuffPo]

• Brian Weiss, who runs the Palos Verdes farmers market, is a bad-ass who fought in a Taliban stronghold, loves catching burglars as part of his part-time job as a patrol officer, and took the job to relieve his overworked mother. [LAT]

• After calling him out by name with a burger challenge, SinoSoul’s Tony Chen eats the burger at Agoura HIll’s The Lab and the cheap bastard likes it so much, he doesn’t even demand his money back. [SinoSoul]

Why Astronauts Love Hot Sauce; Pepsi Next Offers Lighter Soda