Where to Find a Decent Tomato Pie in the Post-DeLorenzo’s World

Rest in pizza
Rest in pizza Photo: Courtesy Philly Phoodie

The bad news is, Trenton’s legendary DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies is now gone for good. Owners Gary and Eileen Amico closed up on Sunday, ending the crispy, thin-crust pizza shop’s 65 year run. Though the tomato pie standard-bearer, which will be best remembered for its absence of bathrooms and printed menus just as much as its much sought after charred-crusted cross-cut slices, ceases to exist, there’s still some good news. Star-Ledger reports that the spirit of DeLorenzo’s lives on at several nearby spots.

One, of course is the DeLorenzo’s spin-off in Robbinsville, where there are bathrooms and menus. Another is the DeLorenzo’s on Hamilton Ave. in the same Chambersburg neighborhood as the original, which is owned and operated by the Amico’s cousins. Also located in the same neighborhood is Papa’s Tomato Pies, a 100-year-old institution in and of itself that not only turns out authentic tomato pies, but offers a full menu of pasta dishes and sandwiches.

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Where to Find a Decent Tomato Pie in the Post-DeLorenzo’s World