What You’ll Find in a Camembert Rind; Nestle Axing 103 Hot Pockets Staffers

• What’s to be found in a Camembert rind? “For a group of Swiss bio-engineers, that moldy rind is one of nature’s greatest living surfaces, doing double duty as a shield and a cleaner.” [Salt/NPR]

• Midtown Lunch declares 800 Degrees a “game-changer.” Zach brooks came expecting a “shitshow,” and left convinced “that the place is completely genius.” [Midtown Lunch]

• Nestle is dumping 103 workers from its Hot Pockets sector, based in Chatsworth, as customers increasingly bypass that easy option in the supermarket. [LAT]

• If you got Amazon credit for the holidays instead of that $5,600 beer machine Govind Armstrong recommends, ZX Kitchen is selling five different collections of its ceramic knives at 20% through the online retailer through tomorrow. [Amazon]

• Illinois’ historic, family-owned chip maker, Vitner’s, has been purchased by an L.A.-based company named Snak King, which really needs to work on its spelling. [Jurnal Standard]

• And today in globalization, Smashburger has announced plans to expand to Latin America, while Baskin Robbins has stated intentions to open 50 stores in Vietnam. [NRN, Grub Street]

• Russ Parsons is judging an onigiri contest this Sunday at the Japanese American National Museum, where you can learn to make your own with the Common Grains program. [LAT]

• Evidently fast-food restaurants offer their biggest deals this month. Sounds like a quick way to shatter those New Year’s resolutions. [USAT]

• It’s a nice time of year to decamp to the mild climes of Austin, Texas. If you do so — or you’re heading there for SXSW — here’s where to eat. [Newsday]

• The owners of Downtown’s Urbano Pizza Bar reveal their plans to stick around for twenty years or so. [Blog Downtown]

Neon Tommy paints a rather bleak (or maybe moldy) portrait of an Inglewood Ralph’s. [NT]

What You’ll Find in a Camembert Rind; Nestle Axing 103 Hot Pockets Staffers