What to Drink at The Ice Cream Bar, Opening Saturday

The Ice Cream Bar
The Ice Cream Bar Photo: Paul Dyer via Eater

As we alerted you last week, old-timey soda fountain and creamery The Ice Cream Bar opens tomorrow, January 21, at 815 Cole Street. Owner Juliet Pries is handling the ice cream part, and she brought in Rickhouse bartender Russell Davis to create an authentic menu that looks back over a hundred years to fountain drinks like phosphates and lactarts, as well as more traditional frappes and egg creams.

You can try a root beer made with real sassafras, or an old-fashioned wild cherry phosphate (acid phospate is an additive that just adds a special little tang to things, including some modern cocktails), or an orange-thyme crush with honey syrup. Sounds kind of awesome if you ask us, and additionally there will be some boozy, adult-drink options on the way when the liquor license arrives, as well as a savory food menu to boot.

Tomorrow, however, only the menu below will be available, and as you can see with that list of tinctures and house-made syrups, there’s a lot of room for customizing your drinks for many years to come.

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The Ice Cream Bar - 815 Cole Street - Open daily from noon to 10 p.m.

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What to Drink at The Ice Cream Bar, Opening Saturday