Save the Burritos

Save Villa Mexico!

Owner Julie King
Owner Julie King Photo: Villa Mexico

Kickstarter has a campaign to save the adored (and soon-to-be-homeless) little Mexican restaurant. Villa Mexico’s fate is currently up in the air due to housing concerns; its current gas-station location will be torn down for office buildings. But you can help.

There’s four more days to pledge toward their relocation and permitting costs, and they’re just a few hundred dollars away from their $5,000 funding goal. (The deadline is January 9.) Says Julie King, who owns the spot with her family:

“I started this business because I missed the food of my country. But, I never imagined this business would take a life of it’s own. Introducing me to so many wonderful people, putting my child through college, and allowing me to survive as a widow mom and sole provider. We don’t want to give up on our Villa Mexico, because it has given us an extended family.”

So why not give $10? Barely the cost of a delicious burrito! Learn more here.

Save Villa Mexico!