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Vegan Doctors’ Org Dings Jamie Oliver, Cook’s Illustrated for Liking Meat

Don't worry, Jamie: They just don't like omnivores.
Don’t worry, Jamie: They just don’t like omnivores. Photo: Amazon

It’s that time of year again, when the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine goes on a PR blitz with their annual worst-cookbooks list — an honor that Paula Deen gets just about every year! But much like some vegan bakeries these days, this organization of at least several doctors doesn’t broadcast in its press releases that it is, in fact, a semi-covert promotional arm of the vegan lobby.

As Grub pointed out earlier today, media outlets including the New York Daily News have jumped on the fact that healthy-eating crusader Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, Meals in Minutes, landed on a list of unhealthy books from a reputable-sounding doctors’ group. Now, even though it may be true that Oliver’s meatball sandwich (which they say has double the calories of a Big Mac) may not be the ideal fare for a school cafeteria in America’s fattest city, we still say these people are hoodwinking the press.

As Grub Street reported last year, the PCRM has one agenda: preaching veganism. So the only way to improve that meatball sandwich in their minds would be to nix the meatballs. They also attack the otherwise unimpeachable Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook for their perceived emphasis on meat-based recipes. We’re fine with veganism and vegetarianism, but it bothers us to no end that this group keeps trying to mask its true motives under the guise of health advice.

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Vegan Doctors’ Org Dings Jamie Oliver, Cook’s Illustrated for