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Trade’s Avocado and Fish Get Love; Blue Nile Is Quite Saucy

Greenway: Devra First gives three-stars’ worth of love to Jody Adams’s Trade. Avocado adorned with a chutney of green mango, tamarind, and peanuts is capable of causing “gustatory fireworks,” while whole fish rubbed in lemongrass and ginger is “wonderfully fragrant.” Lobster, on the other hand, is “acrid.” [Globe]

Greenway: The Improper’s BN Lee, meanwhile, four-stars Trade. Those avocado and whole fish dishes get another shout-out; another winner is the bubbly flatbread (lamb’s a favorite). Chicken is unpleasant, “waterlogged” artichokes are bland. [Improper]

Jamaica Plain: At 25-seat Ethiopian hideout Blue Nile, Robert Nadeau writes that the fried apps are “not to be missed.” Another bonus: lots of sauces, wine, and beer. Ask for more spice if you need it. [Phoenix]

Watertown: Emilio’s subs and dinners to go provide “portable, palatable” pleasure, advises Lindsey Crudele. (It’s a good thing they offer takeout, since “the most ambiance you can expect is the glow off the soda cooler.”) Intriguingly, “sweet Italian sausage is stewed and yielding.” Chicken cutlets boast a fine “eggy crust.” [Phoenix]

Everywhere: Eater chats with Ken Oringer, who toys with opening a ramen shop, a “little bistro,” or even another Toro. Nothing’s signed, mind you. [Eater National]

Everywhere: Eater also offers a roster of the city’s 38 worthy dining establishments. Picks include Bondir, Craigie on Main, and old-timey-hangout-turned-foodie-destination Strip-T’s. [EB]

Trade’s Avocado and Fish Get Love; Blue Nile Is Quite Saucy