The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Gun-Shaped Pizza and Cadaver Caviar

Toxic cat stew and a naked Top Chef contestant weren’t the only things weirding us out this week. For the latest and greatest in random food news, check out the James Weird Awards, straight ahead.

• Police in St. Petersburg uncovered a 385-pound stash of caviar stored in the refrigerated room reserved for cadavers in a hospital morgue. Besides being hidden with dead bodies, over half the caviar is likely the illegal product of endangered sturgeon fish. (The other half is salmon caviar. Still gross, but legal). [HuffPo]

• Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A man fell asleep at the wheel of his truck in the drive-through lane at a McDonald’s in Chicago on New Year’s Day, keys in the ignition, engine running. His heavy foot on the brake pedal was the only thing keeping the truck from speeding off. When questioned by police, the clearly intoxicated man said he “just wanted another McDonald’s sandwich.” [Chicago Tribune]

• Every Christmas for 35 years, a man in Ohio received a pecan pie from a mystery donor. In 2011, the 87-year-old just got a note: “It has been a great ride. Still not telling you who I am yet, but my wings are shorter now and I am a little too fat to fly anymore. But I still love you!!” Not enough to just give the poor man his pie, apparently. [Columbus Dispatch]

• An elementary school student in Tennessee must eat his lunch at the cafeteria’s “silent table” after waving around a slice of pizza that was allegedly shaped like a gun. [HuffPo]

• A thief in Brooklyn broke into an apartment belonging to an elderly woman, then proceeded to use the place as his personal man-cave over the holidays while the owner was away. He made eggs, drank two bottles of wine, hooked up an XBox to the woman’s television, and napped in her bed. On his way out, he left the XBox and a bag of weed behind, presumably as a hostess gift. [NYP]

The James Weird Awards: Gun-Shaped Pizza and Cadaver Caviar