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The Bachelor to Swirl All Around the Bay and Wine Country This Season

Ben Flajnik, amongst the vines.
Ben Flajnik, amongst the vines. Photo: Courtesy of Envolve Winery

Last year we were introduced to Ben Flajnik, winemaker at fledgling Sonoma winery Envolve and a handsome hopeful contestant on The Bachelorette. Seeing as America still hasn’t had enough of that atrocity fine franchise, it’s already time for the sixteenth season of The Bachelor, with the still-single Flajnik looking to finally find himself a wife. This means the show’s going to feature plenty of screen time for both San Francisco and the wine country, as Monday’s premiere already did, with a lot of cringe-inducing moments in which the young damsels vying for Flajnik’s love try to sound intelligent about wine.

With that in mind, Eater is doing us all a favor and watching the program, and providing weekly recaps so that we don’t have to. Better them than us, we say!

In Monday’s episode, there was already a cringe-inducer when a young woman, upon meeting Flajnik, says, “Ask me anything you want about wine.” Ben asks her what varietal she likes to drink in the summer, and, well, she had no clue what to say and clearly didn’t know what a varietal was. Aww.

Better them than us.

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The Bachelor to Swirl All Around the Bay and Wine Country This Season