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Teach Me How to ‘Mohawk Bend Dash’

Errrybody Loves It: The Mohawk Bend Dash
Errrybody Loves It: The Mohawk Bend Dash Photo: YouTube

Those trendy Echo Park kids have a new dance and everybody loves it, erry-errybody loves it. It’s called “The Mohawk Bend Dash” and is performed by a motley mix of vegans, hop-heads, and ironic crusties while trying to cross a perilous stretch of Sunset Boulevard on their way to Tony Yanow’s Mohawk Bend. First you put on your black clothes, and wiggle side to side, then ignore the new do not cross signs, while–eek–cars come at you from all sides. Wanna see it gracefully performed?

The Eastsider explains that it recently, “observed all sorts of people doing the The Mohawk Bend Dash. A dog walker ignored the barriers and cut across Sunset during an afternoon walk. A man who emerged from City Sip with a bottle of wine walked past the no-crossing symbols and then began a leisurely jog across traffic lanes to Elf Cafe.” We even have a video here showing a few nimble patrons skipping between extra cautious cars that pedestrians in almost any other metropolis would probably die laughing at, no less when they hear the grown guy yelping desperately in panic and running away. Still, it’s nice seeing people use their feet for something other than the gas pedal around here. So while we’re at it, let’s do The Dash!

Watch out for traffic before you run the Mohawk Bend Dash [The Eastsider]

Teach Me How to ‘Mohawk Bend Dash’