The Garter Returns From The Dead in Venice

The Garter
The Garter Photo: Yo! Venice!

Long gone are the Shepard Fairey and London Police posters that once graced the entrance, but signs of life have recently stirred around The Garter, the dark dive bar on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice that long used to greet the day with boozy breath as former Bukowski-worthy haunt, The Red Garter. Yo! Venice! reports that the bar plans to reopen in two to three months, following a December 2010 closing at the death of owner Josh Kandel.

The blog reports that a Venice local is taking over the property, which stands to prosper from a newly energized Lincoln that now carries budding empires like Wurstkuche and Freebird’s. While keeping the place “as is” isn’t really the most desirable option, given its not-so-distant past as a dank hideaway where males in baseball hats lurked drunkenly over the girls on the dance-floor, the loss of Air Conditioned does pave the way for a decent dance spot, hopefully with an improved beer list and a skank-free vibe (it’s hard to think of a better model than the conversion from slummy Saint & Sinners to stunning Oldfield’s). We’ll have to see in about “three or four” months what the final result is.

Back in Action: The Garter Venice [Yo! Venice!]

The Garter Returns From The Dead in Venice