Burger Time

The Counter Rolls Out At Home Burger Bar, Bets On The Super Bowl

A tricked-out Counter burger
A tricked-out Counter burger Photo: LWY via Flickr

If actress Melora Hardin’s L.A. Diet got you hankering for a burger bar of your very own, The Counter is obliging with a new custom burger bar option, to be available by delivery or pick-up at each of its locations starting this Monday. An online ordering form helps the hungry formulate a plan for a minimum of eight fellow eaters, breaking burgers down to $9.95 per head.

You and your crew order the appropriate number of 1/3-lb. patties (mixing and matching proteins is encouraged), detail all the specific fixings, buns, and cheese (some extra charges apply for side salads and gourmet toppings like avocado and Applewood bacon) and after calling in or faxing the order, you have the chain drop it off or simply send that guy who cares more about commercials than the game and ta-da, it’s burger time. And what’s the wager for The Super Bowl?

Tapping into its inner Jimmy the Greek (minus the antiquated views on political correctness, of course), The Counter is offering customers an enticing bet for the big game at its L.A. and O.C. stores. Any Burger Bar order placed before February 3rd for the Superbowl will be entirely free, but only if the starting second half kickoff results in a touchdown return. Bet on burgers and The Superbowl simultaneously, starting January 30th at all Counter locales.

See the sample menu online. Sorry, appearances by Brian Austin Green is not one of the many options.

The Counter Rolls Out At Home Burger Bar, Bets On The Super Bowl